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Commission Prices | JBCblank's Commissions I usually work on Commission's Monday through Friday. I take the weekends off as those are the days I spend with family. Check my Queue if you would like to see what I am currently working on, or how busy I am. Thank you for taking an interest in my work. Please be sure to… New commission prices - by CakeBunnyNSFW

Furry Art Commissions. 1.2K likes. Doing any type of furry/anthro/feral art commissions for cheap prices :D Message or post on this page to talk to me about prices, ideas and what I can do. I'm Furry/Kemono/Anime Sculptor — Cheeb Berlin for luksjem ... Furry/Kemono/Anime Sculptor. This is my clay account for commissions and inspiration. Find me anywhere else @SRabbitWork Commission - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia Apr 08, 2018 · A commission, full art commission or just comm, is a request by an art patron (furry or otherwise) who hires and pays (with money, exchange or barter), for the creation of a furry piece of art (a commission), from an artist, writer, musician, fursuit maker, or creator of any other type of work, for himself or on behalf of another person/group.

Furry/Kemono/Anime Sculptor. This is my clay account for commissions and inspiration. Find me anywhere else @SRabbitWork

Commission prices by latex -- Fur Affinity [dot] net latex furry anthro freal prices commission realistic Commission prices. By latex, posted 6 years ago Digital Artist | Support me with Shinies! All questions and offers are up to discussion. Any wishes and commission types on any drive or storage! Send me a note! Full price for each third character For the price of $350 you may ask for free: Looking for artists to commission : furry Hey r/furry!Relatively new to the sub, though I've "been" a furry for years now, I've never actually had a Fursona.. I've got an idea for a character in mind, but I'm struggling on finding commissionable artists, everyone I seem to find is either closed or the prices are a little out of my range. commissions | Tumblr

Short StoryTypically around at least 500 words – can be more depending on the plot/scene. I don’t like to force more words than necessary, as it takes out the natural flow of things.Fer…

Furry art commission. (641 Results). Price ($). The latest Tweets from furry commissioning (@furrycommission). I am a list of ART+DESIGN made by me valdith-zam Set price: 16 usd. Comment here to  8 Apr 2018 The range of commission media available is as little or vast as the price for them. Prices for commissions vary widely by artist and complexity of  I am also opened for commissions and I'll post my price sheet here. :) 864 views · View 2 Upvoters · Answer  Prices Here is where you can find pricing on all the art I offer! Everything listed here is available when I open commissions. Please keep in mind that this is a  Avatar Commission Prices furry · human around for what i need and if i cant find what i'm looking for i'll just commission for the parts X3. in creating unique, quality, expressive costumes. Click below to view the full gallery of my creations throughout the years, or browse my commission prices.

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* DETAILED MODEL ($400-850+ USD) These models are perfect for using as a reference or avatar. Your character will have all its distinctive marks and features. How complex is my model and how much Fursona Plush Commissions, Furry Stuffed Animals | Budsies If you’re part of the Furry fandom, or know someone who is, we'd love to make you a one-of-a-kind furry plush for you or your loved one. It’s not just any keepsake, it’s a gift that truly represents a part of who you are. And we'd be honored to make you a huggable plush representation. NEONSLUSHIE - Home

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TAGS commission prices, commissions open, open commissions, commissions. 0 be the best idea to order a commission of me drawing a furry characters. :') Post with 20 votes and 222 views. Tagged with furry, furry art, commission, furryfandom, furry anthro; Shared by jellyclaws. JellyClaws Commission Price Sheet.

Furry Art Commissions | Fur Affinity Forums Dec 05, 2017 · I'm new to the furry community, but I've been an artist for a while. Prices for art would range from $15-$50 depending on if it was a small sketch emailed, or a large painting sent as a physical package to your address of choice. Commission posts … Commission Prices -- Kacey's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net